Functions of the army for the Control of lines of time time
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Functions of army of the time for the Control of events in time line

Executive Awards for the army of time

Time Army, as Global Security Agency, you have the right and obligation to exercise regulatory functions around the development of events in the Converging lines of time.

This consists of enabling a superior Council formed by 259 members of a parliamentary Chamber acronica.

According to the Treaty X9617PTS-0ME to the Army of the time full legal concessions granted to you, Executive and legislative.

Functions of the army of the time statement

TO Time Army, as Global Security Agency are awarded him the following functions in order to safeguard the integrity, the future, and safety of all citizens of the Converging lines of time.


  • Establishing action plans to ensure the correct evolution of converging events that lead to a society in harmony.
  • Delete all the threat belonging to individuals, that you can obey any kind of guidelines intended to individual private gain, and that is against the principles relating to its time established by the affected society.
  • Safeguard the right to life by avoiding possible temporal paradoxes.
  • Strengthen the distribution of well-being beyond small concentrations developed State, When possible and do not put at risk the perpetuation of humankind.
  • Interfere in the context of the development of key events that may constitute a risk or a deviation of the Main timeline.