Timelines - Time Army, Global Security Agency
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Líneas Temporales Convergentes - Army of the time, Global Security Agency

Información relativa a Líneas Temporales Convergentes

The Global Security Agency of the Army of the time as responsible for the control of converging timelines, performs actions of specific adjustments to maintain the correct concurrence of events.

Such action has effect across the entire spectrum of reality X9617PTS-0ME. According to the comprehensive agreement acrónico, set forth the lines of action in all X9617PTS variants with propagation 0ME frequencies. Spectrum principles are based on the results of the analysis of the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN).

In such a way, sets the offset, If applicable, realities adjacent to ensure convergence in the Main timeline. This being the main object of activity of the members of the Army of the time.

All interaction will be quantified, regulated, and registered by the measuring of divergence arranged in different offices of the Global Security Agency.