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Physicists at CERN they have achieved a measure of antimatter that is more accurate than the matter of first and found that the magnetic moment of protons and antiprotons is virtually identical: antimatter is a precise mirror image of matter.

A international team of physicists I wanted to determine the smallest distinction between matter and antimatter reached unintentionally a record in precision measurement: for the first time in history got a measure of more accurate than the matter of antimatter.

It was established that the magnetic moment of the proton and the antiprotons is virtually identical in both cases. The magnetic moment of a particle determines the way in which a particle reacts to an external magnetic force.

According to an article published in the journal Nature, He advises the CERN en un press release, la precisión de la medida para la antimateria es 2.792 847 344 1 (expressed in unit of nuclear magneton) y de 2.792 847 350 para el protón (matter), según una medida realizada en 2014. This finding shows that antimatter is a mirror image requires matter.

According to one of the authors of the research, Christian Smorra, If there is a complete symmetry between matter and antimatter, the universe could not exist. Therefore, as the universe actually exists, There must be an asymmetry between the proton and the antiproton, Although we do not know where is.

You can find maybe, According to another researcher, Stefan Ulmer, in another fundamental characteristic of particles, as the mass, because there must necessarily be a difference between matter and antimatter.

There is an almost exact symmetry between matter and antimatter at the level of elementary particles, but a cosmological scale matter dominates over antimatter. Physicists compare the properties of particles and antiparticles with great precision to decrypt this contradiction.

It is believed that any significant differences in the values of matter and antimatter would call into question the standard model of particle physics, and it could open the prospect of a new physics.

One of the measures on the antimatter harder to get

Ulmer added that this outcome is the result of many years of research, specifying that you it's one of the toughest measures ever achieved in an ion trap known as Penning trap.

Las trampas de Penning son utilizadas para el almacenamiento de partículas cargadas usando un campo magnético estático constante y un campo eléctrico espacialmente no homogéneo. In this case, they have allowed to trap antimatter charged electrically in order to study it, must be kept separate from the matter for which, avoiding their destruction.

The measure has been achieved through a new method that relies on simultaneous measurements carried out on two antiprotons caught separately in two Penning traps. The result achieved enables a comparison between matter and an unprecedented accuracy antemateria.

The result supports the hypothesis of equal magnetic moments for the proton and antiproton, designates the CERN. The uncertainty of this new experimental measurement of antiproton is significantly weaker than the corresponding to the equivalent measure for the proton.

It is probably the first time that physicists get a more precise measurement of the antimatter that of matter, demonstrating the extraordinary progress achieved by Proton Decelerator of the CERN, According to Smorra.

The Decelerator of antiprotons at CERN It produces low-energy antiprotons to "manufacture" antimatter atoms and thus be able to study them. Decelerator gets '' controlling '' and transform these antiprotons in low-energy beams to be investigated.

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