Organization - Army of the time, Control of timelines
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Organization - Army of the time Agency of Global Security

About the army of the time

Our Global Security Agency It addresses the problems that affect the correct succession of chronological events, in multiple timelines. We maintain peace before disturbing conflicts of the main convergence.

Under the principle of minimum intervention required, We carry out punctual actions of various kinds, always within the framework of the non-main interference.

The Global security of the army of the time Agency It consists of members from a variety of countries based on respect for human rights, and the perpetuity of the species.

Protection of the lines of time

The main objective of the Army of the time It is to keep the lines of time safe to ensure a correct convergence towards the main time line or line mother.

The fate of the events follows the Treaty X9617PTS-0ME approved and ratified in all cycles come and occurred by the superior Council of the Army of the time. The regulatory body of simultaneous origin has competence in the legal field, Legislative and Executive.

Policy of intervention in time lines

The Army of the time, as Global Security Agency by the correct events happening, It has authority in all the competitions of action. Restricted to minimize their chronological involvement in different converging realities, and always on the fringes of flattering or individual interests of an external organization and regulated not set.